Updates from the Ground

Update from the Ground

In the early hours of this morning French police evicted the entire woodlands in Dunkirk where over 300 people have been seeking refuge. After a week of constant harassment, hundreds of CRS and Gendarmerie officers swept through the forest, removing people, destroying their shelters and forcing them out into the storm. False promises were made that buses would take them to accommodation centres. Instead, hundreds of people were left by the road in the torrential rain. Young families with small children sat huddled under tarpaulin sheets just metres from a roundabout. For many this has truly been a breaking point. Mothers and fathers struggled to fight back tears of frustration and despair wh

One Week On

This is the reality for hundreds of displaced people currently living in the Dunkirk area. Just one week on from the eviction, there are approximately 500 people already sleeping rough in the area, including dozens of families with young children. With the emergency centre now closed, people have been forced to relocate into the woodlands surrounding the city. With so many people already returning, our teams have been on-site for long periods each day, providing our full range of services and support. This includes phone charging, WiFi, food packs, and distributions of basic but essential items. Whatever the need, our volunteers strive to resolve or fulfil any problem or request they are fac

Eviction - 17/09/19

After months of anticipation, today finally saw the complete eviction of Dunkirk’s emergency centre and its surrounding camp. Since its opening in January, this camp has become home to nearly 1000 people, including around 200 children. The operation began at 7am, when hundreds of police and French authorities descended upon the makeshift camp. Within half an hour, a perimeter had been set and the authorities began funnelling people through railed walkways onto buses. These buses then proceeded to take people to accommodation centres across France. Our team were on-site early this morning, monitoring the progress of the clearance and the treatment of its former residents. Once the eviction wa

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