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Cold Weather from the East

The icy weather that gripped the UK this past week, unfortunately, did not miss the people living outdoors in North France. Fortunately, the presence of the vital organisations in this area did not diminish, and those struggling in the numbing chill were not without support.

Despite the bleak conditions, the atmosphere over the weekend was cheerful and surprisingly bright as people stood around an open flame for warmth or kicked around a football in the snowfall. The presence of Médecins du Monde France granted some reassurance in the below 0 temperatures, and as always Refugee Community Kitchen provided warm meals. Meanwhile, Care4Calais, Live for Lives foundation and Hulp Konvooi Veluwe, served tea and distributed sleeping bags and blankets, preparing everyone for the low temperatures of the following nights.

It is dire situations like these that co-operation and collaboration are most needed, and with the most severe weather hopefully now behind us, we feel it is important to recognise the extra effort that was made by every organisation present, to make these rough conditions as bearable as possible.

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