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Sincere Thanks for Last Eviction's Response

It has been a testing week for our teams on the ground following Mondays eviction. We have been on site each day, working to provide shelter and equipment to those who were left without, as well as new arrivals and those returning from accommodation centres.

Thanks to some perfectly timed deliveries from Angus Clark and Onjali Rauf we have been able to distribute tents and tarpaulin covers each day since the clearance.

We cannot thank you all enough for the immediate response to Mondays events. Herts For Refugees, Side by Side: Humanitarian Aid to Refugees, The School Bus Project, People Not Borders, Onjali, Stand For Humanity, Massive Outpouring Of Love, and the numerous other individuals who have donated. This couldn't have come at a more needed time and we are already buying more stock in.

Fortunately people are becoming wise to the French authorities dirty tactics, and more and more groups and individuals are instantly packing up their belongings and shelters upon the police's arrival. Even families with several small children will pack their entire shelter away in the early hours of the morning at just a rumour that the police are sweeping through.

As always, many are caught unaware and in these frustrating situations we are left powerless, only able to observe. However, with the support we have from you all we are able to respond, support and provide temporary solutions. Thank you.

In solidarity. In defiance.

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