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Festival Salvage Fundraiser

Once again, we are regularly responding to major evictions in the Dunkirk area. These ruthless evictions are co-ordinated by the French authorities.

As always, our team are there offering support and distributing hundreds of tents, sleeping bags, blankets and tarpaulin in order to replace what was confiscated by the police. These relentless clearances leave the communities without the necessary equipment to survive. During the chaos of these evictions many people also lose personal items.

We always strive to provide tents. Regardless of the weather we sincerely believe this to be the bare minimum anybody should be equipped with when sleeping rough. MRS is currently the only organisation committed to to regularly distributing tents and replacing them after evictions in this area, this has resulted in our stock depleting significantly.

We would like to take this opportunity to push our ongoing fundraiser to raise money to purchase tents in-bulk, this is to enable us to distribute throughout summer and into the oncoming autumn and winter periods. With festival salvages cancelled due to COVID-19, we rely entirely on your support in order to provide the necessary equipment for those we support. The link can be found below.

The images below show the result of the most recent eviction, one which left one hundred people sleeping rough with nothing. We need your support now more than ever to help us continue to respond to these inhuman evictions with vital aid.

Please donate if you can, or share this post in order to raise awareness of this situation occurring just 20 miles from our border.

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