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Growing Population

The population at the new site has continued to grow over the last two weeks, with new arrivals every day, including many families with small children. Our team has been as present as ever to support this community we care so much about.

Although the weather has been milder, the nights have continued to be cold, dropping as low as 4 degrees and accompanied by the usual strong coastal winds. MRS is one of just a handful of organisations still distributing tents and sleeping bags regardless of this milder warmer weather, as we feel these are still two vital pieces of equipment.

With so many people in need we have restructured and increased our regular distributions of NFI (non-food items).

Each day our volunteers take orders of specific items people require, these items are then packed at the warehouse and delivered the following day. Although time consuming, this method is easy to understand and fair, while still ensuring people get what they need.

Last month we received a desperately needed delivery of essential donations from our incredible partners in the UK. Herts For Refugees, People Not Borders, Side by Side, The Ripple Effect. With new procedures due to Brexit and restrictions due to COVID-19, it is no longer the simple task it once was. Thanks to Distribute Aid and all involved for making this happen.

With summer now around the corner and the chance of receiving festival salvage still uncertain, we are once again trying to stockpile tents is preparation for the yearly surge in numbers.

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