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Warehouse Camps

This is the reality for hundreds of displaced people currently living rough in the Dunkirk area. Due to the reduction of the areas of woodland, and the few barren winter trees offering nothing in the way of protection, people are now seeking refuge in several large abandoned warehouses.

These warehouses are filled with loose concrete, scrap metal and rubbish. Despite this, they have found themselves acting as a temporary home for hundreds people including dozens of small children. As pictured below, the tents lining the base of these warehouses are packed extremely tightly, with little room for more.

Over these last two weeks we have seen vast amounts of new arrivals each day. Having been harassed and detained every step of their journey, many people arrive with little more than the clothes on their back and a handful of possessions.

Our team have been working around the clock, distributing hundreds of tents, sleeping bags and essential items. With the eviction of other small camps across France and Europe taking place regularly, we are expecting even more new arrivals over the weeks to come. We need your help now more than ever.

If you wish to volunteer, please do get in contact.

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