Aid We Provide

Despite being one of the smaller organisations operating in northern France, we still attempt to provide an extensive amount of aid to the areas that we serve. As we typically operate in neglected areas, all needs must be covered. The following is a list of the integral forms of aid we provide on a daily basis:
Generator Charging

In this modern refugee crisis, access to power has become one of the more vital necessities to those stranded in foreign lands. Bringing our generator every single day grants many people the needed charge that will help them call their families back home, or communicate with their families already at their destination.

Free Wi-Fi

Keeping within the theme of the accessibility of communication, we are now able to provide an entirely free Wi-Fi connection to those we provide aid to. This Wi-Fi box, provided to us by the amazing team at Jangala, is capable of providing free Wi-Fi to around 300 people at a time, with a connection speed more than good enough to facilitate any Skype or Whatsapp calls to friends or family, as well as other internet uses.

Emergency Response

Many of the areas we serve are routinely harassed by the French police forces, such as the CRS and the Gendarmerie. During these events, people often have their tents destroyed, tarpaulins slashed, possessions stolen and papers confiscated. It is after these abuses that we attempt to replace what was taken if we can, and thus provide a small feeling of security despite the constant hostilities.

Daily Distributions
Major Distributions

Major distributions occur when we have enough of a highly valued item to distribute to the entire population of an area. Generally bi-monthly, these distributions are carefully planned and monitored in order to ensure that nobody misses out.

As the populations of the areas we serve are continuously increasing, we perform small, targeted distributions every day of both consumables and hardware. Sleeping bags, tents, tarpaulin, blankets, SIM cards, charging cables, hats, gloves, scarves and socks are among the items that we distribute every single day.

Smart Device Repairs
Roots-Box Charging

Along with our generator, we now provide an alternative means of charging with our battery box built, maintained and provided by Roots. This box can charge 64 devices over the course of a four-hour session, at a fraction of the cost of a session with multiple generators. As if that was not enough, the Roots Box provides entirely clean, petrol-free energy, too.

One of the newest services we are now able to provide is free smartphone and power-pack repairs. Smartphones and standard mobile phones are vital for refugees to keep in contact with their loved ones, both back home and at their destination. However, while sleeping rough and especially while being constantly antagonised by the police, it can be easy for a smartphone or power-bank to break. Thanks to one of our long-term volunteer's skills, we are able to repair these devices where otherwise a person would be charged £30-£150.

Food Packs

While other charities do provide over 1,000 people with hot food every single day in Calais and Dunkirk, there is something deeply liberating about making and serving your own food. Cooking your own food and playing host to those around you is a custom present in every culture, and this is an aspect of life we attempt to facilitate to families and groups every few days.

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