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Roots is a charity which focuses on the development and creation of systems to ensure positive efficiency and environmentalism within the field in which we and the other refugee charities in the north of France work.


MRS works closely with Roots in order to improve the systems we have in place, making them more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. With Roots, we also undertake new projects that will provide different methods of providing clean, inexpensive power to those we work with. Currently, we have two Roots projects underway: The Recycled Power Bank Project and Project “Box.”


The Recycled Power Bank Project provides us with power banks to distribute to refugees at a fraction of the cost of a power bank you would purchase in a shop. This is due to the fact that Roots assembles these power banks using recycled 18650 batteries from old laptops, power tools and other sources. The only purchase necessary is for the power bank cases that house the batteries, which means that we can provide someone with a power bank worth £40 for the tiny cost of £3.00.


Roots' Project “Box” aims to provide a way for someone to charge their phone without using the generator, thus avoiding petrol expenses. We are currently testing a proof-of-concept box, with the prototype on the way, but already it is proving to be extremely useful on both our daily charge and our night patrols (as it is completely silent.)


If you are interested in supporting Roots and the ventures our two charities plan to undertake together, you can find them on Facebook at the following link:


Refugee Community Kitchen is a charity which has undertaken the amazing task of feeding the population of displaced peoples in the north of France two hot meals a day. Their operations include the cooking and serving of these hot meals, serving over 1000 meals a day.


We work alongside RCK every single day, as they are one of the few charities that consistently visit the Dunkirk camps. Their operation is always orderly and impressive, and their food is always delicious, the excess of which occasionally feeds our volunteers on the ground.


In collaboration with RCK, we use our resources to serve their lunch every Wednesday at three locations in Dunkirk, providing the populations of these areas with hot soup and tea. We are also fortunate enough in our relationship with RCK to be able to receive their excess foods in order to help keep up our stock of food for the food packs we give daily.

If you are interested in supporting RCK and the ventures our two charities plan to undertake together, you can find them at the following link:​



Back in the Calais Jungle, Richard Thanki, Nils O'Hara and Samson Rinaldi set-up the first large Wi-Fi network, and are now using their experience in wireless communications, computing, refugee assistance and fabrication to develop low-cost, portable Wi-Fi solutions that can be used by anyone, anywhere, with no need for technical knowledge.


This amazing team of experts, dubbed Jangala and associated with The World Wide Tribe, are responsible for creating the device which allows MRS to provide free Wi-Fi to the people we work with. Our relationship with Jangala is an ongoing one, as while we test their prototype, they also offer full, twenty-four-hour troubleshooting and will even venture out to the locations in which we work in order to ensure that the Wi-Fi is working correctly.


If you are interested in supporting Jangala, you can find them on Facebook at the following link:




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