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Mobile Refugee Support's work in the field depends entirely on the hard work, time and dedication of our ever-growing family of volunteers.


Volunteering with MRS gives massive insight into the situation which currently exists on our borders, and the struggles being faced by the innocent people caught there. Even a short time spent with us can widen the worldview of the most news-aware individual. 


Whether your strengths lie in languages, administration, driving, logistics, electronics, or simply working with people, your help will be gratefully received.

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Volunteering with MRS will offer the opportunity to:

·       Provide mobile support to refugees in remote locations.

·       Organise and help with both daily and major distributions.

·       Procure and deliver food packs to the many individuals sleeping rough.

·       Assist with maintaining our generator and the provision of power.

·       Deliver emergency aid following clearances to those left with nothing.

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As indicated by our name, MRS provides mobile support. Having a valid driving licence and being capable of driving abroad is extremely useful.
For our volunteers, we offer accommodation in our various properties in Dunkirk. We can house up to 8 volunteers at one time, at a very reasonable rate. There are also hotels & hostels in the local area.
If you are interested in volunteering with us, please click here or contact us at:

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