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Phone Repairs for Refugees

The ability to communicate with loved ones around the world is an extremely important factor of this modern refugee crisis. One of the primary types of support we provide daily is a generator for people to charge their phones, in order to stay in contact both with their families at home and with their families and friends at their destination. However, this becomes increasingly difficult when homeless in a foreign country, especially when persistently harassed and bullied by the local police forces, and often having possessions taken or even destroyed.

A new long-term volunteer working with our team at MRS has the capabilities to repair these devices, smart phones and power banks alike. This is a welcome addition to the support that we provide on a day to day basis. With your support, we have so far been able to furnish him with the basic necessary tools in order to do this. This service is already becoming invaluable. Some of the repairs would cost anywhere in the region of £20 - £150, whereas we are able to provide this for free.

This means, we can now start accepting certain donations of damaged or broken smart phones and power banks, in order to repair them and pass them on to individuals in need; cheap simple phones, smart phones, power banks, or even just the cables that charge them will all be gratefully received.

They can be posted to us, dropped at one of our drop-off points, or collected, please get in contact for details.

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