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Family Food Packs

One of the many aspects of aid that we attempt to provide to those stranded in the areas in which we serve is the personalised distributions of food packs to the families. While Refugee Community Kitchen does an amazing job to serve over 1,000 people hot food every single day in Calais and Dunkirk, there is something deeply liberating about making and serving your own food. Cooking your own food and playing host to those around you is a custom present in every culture, and this is an aspect of life we attempt to facilitate to families every few days.

As families make up the minority of the populations of these areas, it is easy for us to provide personalised food packs with different contents depending on the number of children and the preferences/allergy requirements of the recipients. A typical food pack will contain cooking oil, tomatoes, rice, pasta, some form of beans, some form of fish, some spices, tea, sugar, salt, fruit juice and snacks for the children.

We are always in need of a constant supply of these food items, as stated in our general needs list, in order to continue allowing the families to make their own food. If you wish to donate these items or money with which we can buy them ourselves, please look at our monetary and material donation pages in order to find out how to get it to us.

Thank you.

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