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Litter Picking & Site Maintenance

It has been an extremely productive start to the weekend following what was a beautifully productive week. Our dear friend Kim Haddaway who has supported us since we first began operations, spent the last two weeks with us, bringing with her some incredible donations.

We were then joined yesterday by Will Wilkinson and Lucy Fawaz Qandilwho much to our delight arrived in a van packed to the doors. While providing power this afternoon we distributed box-fulls of fresh fruit they collected, kindly donated by Makro UK Wholesalers.

When the police evict areas the residents are given minutes to exit before the space in which they were camping is devastated and torn apart, leaving belongings strewn in the mud and irretrievable.

Over the last week, our team, along with our guests, have laboured tirelessly to clean the old camping area and scrape the litter from the ditches.

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