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Phone Repairs Update

Over the last three months, our phone repair service has proved to be a truly invaluable one. With the unfaltering support of our dear friend Rowley Surridge, we have been able to purchase various pieces of professional equipment to enable more complex phone repairs. Whether broken screens, faulty charging sockets or water damage, our in-house expert is able to repair them at a fraction of the price, but of course no cost to the refugees themselves.

Communication continues to be one of the most important aspects of the services we provide, be this through phone charging on the generator, overnight power-pack charging, phone and power-pack maintenance and, of course, the daily distribution of SIM cards (now including Lyca) thanks to Lea Beven.

We are always in need of phones, whether old, basic phones or broken/damaged smartphones, we will gladly take them all. If you have any of these items to send us or would like to support this project, you can find out how to do so here on our website:

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