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Charity Collaboration - Roots

We are happy to announce our collaboration with the new charity, Roots, which focuses on the development and creation of systems to ensure positive efficiency and environmentalism within the field in which we and the other refugee charities in the north of France work.

One aspect of the aid we provide is the nightly charging of peoples’ larger power banks, as a single session of generator charging is often not enough for them. This effort was originally started by Evie, Valentine, and Laura, and since their departure has been adopted by ourselves and the Dunkirk Refugee Women's Centre. It’s now a vital aspect of the services we provide and we regularly bring home up to forty power banks a night.

The initial project being undertaken by Roots is focused on the first-hand recycling of old batteries from laptops, power tools and other sources to create brand new power banks at an extremely low cost to ourselves. Our aim following this is to distribute power banks to the many who are unable to afford them. This project has already started with a lot of momentum following Amy and Tony’s visit. As always, they arrived with a van crammed full of donations including a significant amount of the much-needed batteries.

This is a great, new initiative that is going to offer a truly unique service. Please share and support this page as you have us. If you wish to invest in this project, you can visit the Roots Facebook page for more information or donate to their fundraiser.

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