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Winter Appeal

With winter finally settling in and the coldest months being dead ahead of us, the refugees we support are in dire need of very specific items. Tents and tarpaulin sheeting for shelters and the production of ‘basha’ kits; waterproof clothing and ponchos; thermal sleeping bags; warm and essential clothing such as jackets, pants, socks, hats and gloves; high-energy dried foods and of course torches for these long, dark days are needed now more than ever. These are just a few of the main items we are asked for on a daily basis.

The intention of this appeal is to enable us to purchase these necessary items that we lack or do not get donated directly. There are certain items we are in need of a constant supply of, but of course, not everyone can donate these. Our teams, of both long and short-term volunteers, are onsite every-day and see first-hand the inhumane and distressing conditions in which so many people are forced to live.

The money raised from this appeal will go directly towards helping us buy these life-saving and weatherproof items, that can make this existence a little more bearable. Every penny makes a difference and any amount donated will be truly appreciated.

We cannot thank you enough for your support, we depend on it to be able to continue the work we do. As always, if you would like to volunteer or be involved somehow, get in contact for more information.

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