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Free Wi-Fi for Refugees

We are incredibly excited to introduce a new project that will be added to the various types of aid we provide daily. This collaboration between MRS, Jāṅgala and The Worldwide Tribe will offer free Wi-Fi for hundreds of simultaneous users alongside our daily generator charging.

Communication and the service this will provide is invaluable and essential for those wishing to contact their loved ones back home or their loved ones awaiting them at their destination. Until now, the residents of this area rely solely on constantly topping-up their phones with credit in order to get even the most basic internet access.

Our volunteers continuously find themselves assisting with the confirmation and application of top-ups, paid for by the refugees themselves, to use the internet at expensive rates. This money could be spent elsewhere, but contact with family is more important to most than other basic necessities.

In the 21st century, access to the internet should not have to be a privilege and this additional aspect of aid serves as another piece of the puzzle of communication that we are able to help facilitate. Daily phone charging, nightly power-pack charging, phone & power pack repairs, and now free internet are available to anyone and everyone who is around when we are on-site.

We would like to express a huge thank you to Faraday Fearnside and Open Hearts Open Borders, who have offered to help support the running costs of this project for the next six months and another personal thanks to Richard, Samson and Nils for their dedication in getting the system up and running.

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