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Jungle Canopy's 'Basha' Kits

After much anticipation, today saw the first distribution of Jungle Canopy's basha kits in Dunkirk. With crowds of people watching, our volunteers performed simple step-by-step demonstrations of how to assemble and dismantle the kits. Following the demonstration we distributed roughly 60 of these packs which were eagerly received by those who will be facing the elements later tonight.

With tents and shelters being destroyed daily, and costing in the region of £5.70 per complete pack, this is in our opinion the most practical and cost-effective, temporary solution to date for those still sleeping rough in the woods of north France.

This incredible initiative has been put together by our close friend Dave King and those at Jungle Canopy, and will be seen through by ourselves, Help Refugees and Care4Calais. If you would like to support this project, you can do so through us at:

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