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Many Thanks - December

The generosity we see from our donors is truly incredible. This last week has been one of those weeks where we have seen exactly this. We were joined once again by our dear friends Robert and Rowley, who arrived in a van packed to the doors by the inspiring groups and individuals from the south-west. As always this included donations from Faraday at OHOB, Amanda and those in Wadebridge and of course the Launceston Refugee Support Group.

Monday saw an amazing donation from Angus Clark and those at Herts For Refugees, of 200 sleeping bags, 100 of which were promptly rolled, tied and distributed around Dunkirk and Calais over the following few days.

On Wednesday, Jacolien Roelofsen and Alex from Share to Serve came to Calais, and following the worrying disconnection of the water points, resolved our problem temporarily with an overwhelmingly generous donation of bottled water.

Lastly but by no means least, our very own Aylisha, while 'trying to fill her car', gathered a staggering four pallets worth of vital donations from the Belfast area, which will be making its way over to us later this month.

It is true to say we would not be able to offer half of what we do everyday without this incredible support from so many. On behalf of all of us at Mobile Refugee Support and those we support, we cannot thank you enough!

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