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Preventable Tragedies

This last week has seen three awful tragedies in the north of France. Two young men have lost their lives and another has been left fighting for his.

The first fatality was a 15 year old boy who was involved in a hit and run on the motorway. The lad had already been reported to the state as a vulnerable individual, however no action had been taken.

The second incident was another collision in which a 22 year old man has been left in intensive care.

The third, yesterday morning, was a young man who has yet to be identified, who had been crushed inside a lorry that was involved in an accident.

These tragedies were entirely preventable. It is the responsibility of both the French and UK governments to aid and protect these people. Instead they make the situation harder by the day. The water remains cut-off in Dunkirk and the emergency centres in Calais have now been closed.

Our night patrols are busy and we do our best to supply sleeping bags, water and high energy foods to those we find. The conditions here are unimaginable though and the organisations here are unable to provide a long term solution. It is these harsh, unforgiving conditions that are forcing people to take such desperate actions.

If you agree this needs to change, you can write to our government and demand action be taken at:

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