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Hot Tea for Refugees

The horrific tragedies of last week have left many, both volunteer and refugee alike, in shock. No matter how many deaths we see here, nothing will ever soften the blow of the next.

Despite these awful losses, our team on the ground has as always, continued to push forward. This last week has seen the introduction of hot drinks into our daily routine. Thanks to the incredible donations of tea urns and a generator from our very own, Loa Pm and Karen and John Tinsley, we are able to provide tea and coffee to those charging their phones and utilising the wifi. This additional feature has also been added to our night patrols, which now offer a night-time tea service.

We have been blessed with a great team these last few weeks, seeing the return of three MRS regulars, Caitlin, Nige and Aylisha, plus the arrival of our newest member, Catalina! Each has raised and donated significant amounts of money and items, but more than that, their help and efforts while working with us have been immeasurable.

We cannot thank you all enough.

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