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Roots Co-Operation Update

Our ongoing collaboration with Roots continues to be a productive relationship. Through their recycled battery project, we have been able to build and distribute 30 new power banks so far, on average getting out two per day to those who need them the most. All this at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a decent power bank.

We are now currently testing a new Roots project, ‘Project: BOX’. This device has a total of thirty-two USB ports on it and is made up of the aforementioned recycled batteries, and is capable of charging thirty-two devices simultaneously over the course of a four-hour session. This project is still in its very early stages and the device we have been using is only a proof-of-concept, it has however already proved to be particularly suitable for our night-time patrols in Calais where discretion is a key element.

As our affiliation with Roots continues, we would like to encourage you to follow them on Facebook, share their posts and potentially donate to their cause. They plan to work with both MRS and the Dunkirk Refugee Women's Centre for the foreseeable future and require all of the support that can be mustered.

If you would like to support Roots and any of their upcoming projects, you can follow their page and donate to their appeal:…/power-in-a-refugees-hands

On a completely separate note, we at MRS would like to express our gratitude to an old friend who recently took fundraising methods to a more extreme level. Heather Loweena recently shaved all of her hair off, donating her lost locks to be used to make free wigs for youths who lose hair through cancer treatment. Whilst doing this she raised £400 for MRS. It is this kind of fundraising and dedication that we are regularly astounded by, and could not be more appreciative of.

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