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Disconnected Water, Presidential Visit

It has been a productive week here at MRS, and despite the usual unpredictable weather and testing circumstances, our teams have worked around the clock to be present and provide aid wherever needed.

Unfortunately the results of this weeks presidential visit bore little hope of the situation in North France improving any time soon. Regardless of this, it is constantly changing and all the organisations here have to be always ready to adapt and embrace different methods.

The water supply in Dunkirk remains disconnected, leaving the many unable to enter the "emergency accommodation" (Sports Hall) without access to any basic facilities whatsoever. Many of these people opt to remain living in the cover of the woodland, while others spend their nights slumped against the outside walls of the hall, in the hope they may get a space the following day. This afternoon we distributed hundreds of bottles of water from the incredible donation made by Jacolien and Alex at Share to Serve.

Then, while the sun shone for a brief moment, people were able to charge their devices and use the Jāṅgala Wi-Fi whilst having a hot drink.

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