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Winter Appeal - Halfway point

As our winter appeal approaches its halfway point, we would like to take the time to thank those of you who have been kind enough to donate towards it so far, and those of you who have volunteered, raised funds and sent material donations.

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of monetary donations. Over these last few months, we have been astounded by the generosity of some of our supporters. Shas Sheehan, Cat Emberton, Carlisle Refugee Action Group (CRAG), Alana A-plan, Jo Rider, Conor Lockhart, Tony Davidson, Olivia Vickers, Christine Laurence-jackson, Aidan Pettitt, Beth Nöy, Chris Palmer, and anyone we may have missed, you have all played a huge part in sustaining our operations.

Before this fundraiser ends, we would like to implore those of you who may not have yet seen it or been able to donate to send what you can. We wholeheartedly appreciate every single penny that is sent to support our organisation and thus supports refugees. There are hundreds of people whom we work with that now have items to keep them warm while living in these dire conditions, and we would like to keep this going for the duration of the winter.

Your donation directly helps those in need, and we cannot thank each and every one of you enough.

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