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Smartphone Donation from The One Point

In conjunction with our aims to make communication as accessible as possible for the refugees stranded in northern France, we are pleased to extend our most sincere thanks to The One Point and City Health Care Partnership CIC (Hull) for their recent, astoundingly generous donation of a large number of smartphones.

We want to personally thank Andrew Burnell, Chief Executive of City Health Care Partnership for his help in arranging this donation; Kevin Sanders, who acted as the contact between CHCP and The One Point; and Dave Thompson with The One Point who arranged for all of these devices to be wiped, restored and tested. Without their collaborative efforts, procuring a donation of this magnitude within such a short timeframe would be almost impossible. We would also like to thank Karen Tinsley for making it all achievable by taking the initiative to contact these key individuals.

We have already begun distributing these devices on a careful, case-by-case basis in order to ensure that they end up in the hands that need them most. We always prioritise the most vulnerable individuals when it comes to distributing items of this calibre, with unaccompanied minors and families with young children being at the forefront of our concern.

These devices are always needed. Be it due to the inhospitable conditions or the hostile treatments from local police forces, devices regularly get damaged and require repair, but for those that we cannot repair ourselves, we are now also able to replace.

For someone without one, being given one of these devices provides you with a way to stay in touch with your family and friends, additionally they can serve as a vital lifeline in an emergency situation due to their GPS function and internet capabilities. A donation like this one is not something we could ever anticipate receiving and its usefulness is not to be overlooked.

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