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South-West Donation Team

It has been a beautifully productive week, bringing with it some incredible volunteers and desperately needed donations. Our teams have been out every day as always, supporting those forced to sleep rough in the Dunkirk area.

We were paid a visit by two of our most dedicated volunteers and donors alike, Robert Butler and Rowley Surridge from Cornwall. These individuals have been visiting and working closely with MRS since it's inception, providing excellent donations and a brilliant work ethic and energy. Visiting on average every two months, they standardly arrive with a large van filled with our most needed items, all beautifully sorted and gathered from the vast area of the South-West.

This tireless gathering of donations is made possible by Rob's absolute dedication and his extensive swath of connections, with Faraday Fearnside and those at Open Hearts Open Borders, Launceston Refugee Support Group, Shelley Meister and Libby Pentreath at One And All Aid, and Amanda Pennington and those at the Wadebridge Cornish Refugee Aid Project.

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