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Spring Appeal

With spring just around the corner and the worst of the cold weather behind us, the numbers of refugees and displaced people in North-France are already steadily increasing. Emergency centres that were opened over the colder months are no longer accepting people and planning to close, pushing residents back out onto the streets or into the woodland. Every day we are met with new arrivals who have travelled unimaginable distances in their search for something better, and with the ongoing developments in the Middle East and North-East Africa, this mass movement of people shows no sign of slowing


Over the course of the winter period, our stock of vital items has diminished almost entirely as we have provided the essentials to those in need. It is fundraisers like this that enable us and we depend upon these donations to allow us to replace these items and continue to provide support to the now increasing number of inhabitants. The money raised from this appeal will go directly towards buying these items and maintaining the services we provide on a daily basis. Every penny makes a difference and any amount donated will truly be appreciated.

With the situation constantly changing, we are always open to new ideas and concepts being brought into our operations. If you would like to volunteer or be involved with the work we do, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

We cannot thank you all enough for your continuing support.

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