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We Need Your Support

We need your support.

Everyday a team of our dedicated volunteers head to the Dunkirk area, to support the displaced people currently living there. We provide many standard daily services, including Wi-Fi, phone repairs and access to generators.

Additionally to this, each day our volunteers fulfil requests for specific needed items made by people the day before. This can range from charging cables or torches, to sleeping bags and tents.

Over the last few weeks we have been met each day by new arrivals. This sudden increase in the number of people depending upon our support has put incredible strain on our supplies, and we are now running dangerously low on many essential items.

We depend entirely upon donations to continue the work we do, whether it be purchasing vital items or running and maintaining the generators and vehicles we rely upon day after day.

If you are able to donate, please do, at:

Or through our website at:

If you are unable to donate you can still help us to further our reach by sharing this post!

Thank you all!

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