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Investigation & Protests For Two-Year-Old Killed by Belgian Police

This afternoon our team is out in Grande Synthe working alongside the Refugee Community Kitchen. Although it is a warm and sunny afternoon, the mood on-site amongst the Kurdish community is still heavily subdued by the events of last week.

An investigation into Mawda's death is taking place, and the deceitful attempts to cover up the truth have been exposed. Once again Belgian authorities have much to answer for, with this being far from the first time we have heard accounts of excessive force and violence from Belgian police.

Coordination Semira Adamu in Brussels request people hang 2 year old's clothes at their window on Wednesday, in protest at the killing of the child. There will then be a mass laying of these clothes outside the Palais de Justice at 5.30 pm.

We must not let this horrific tragedy be forgotten, and this abuse of power must be exposed. For Mawda, and for the hundreds who suffer at the hands of these uniform-clad-criminals every week.

In solidarity. In defiance.

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