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Major Eviction - 24/05/2018

After much anticipation and many postponed warnings, the French authorities evicted all of the current sites in the Dunkirk area.

They began with the emergency centre that was set up back in mid-winter. This centre had become "home" to over 300 people, with another 100 living slumped against its walls outside. The families and individuals were directed onto buses that would drive them to an unknown destination.

Following this, the police and CRS turned their attention to thewoodland where we operate, sending dozens of officers through the forest, turfing people out and destroying shelters. As always, there were unjustified arrests and blatant abuses of power. Fortunately, due to the warnings and advice of volunteers most people had already departed the previous day.

Our teams arrived on-site at 7am and worked tirelessly throughout the day to provide support and advice. All of the organisations involved acted professionally and responsibly, providing witnesses and evidence of the treatment that occurs here.

Dunkirk Refugee Women's Centre, Help Refugees, Refugee Community Kitchen, Médecins du Monde and Refugee Youth Service.

We will be back on-site tomorrow as always, to re-assess the situation and decide how best to move forward.

Thank you all for your continued support.

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