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Demonstration & New Site

It has been a testing few days since last weeks eviction. The French authorities have continued to clear any tents or shelters in the previous areas of woodland. Thankfully, following many negotiations and the support of the Dunkirk City Hall, we now have a new location. As always, we don't know for how long, but this has enabled us and our partner organisations to continue to provide the support we do for the time being.

On Saturday our teams attended the demonstration in Dunkirk town centre, held in protest at the killing of 2 year old Mawda, just over a week ago. For more updates on the situation and the progress of this case check out the Dunkirk Refugee Women's Centre page.

This week has shown incredible dedication and persistance from all the organisations and volunteers operating here. Together we will continue to find solutions to the problems we are faced with. DROP solidarité, Refugee Community Kitchen, Emmaüs France.

In solidarity. In defiance.

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