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In-Camp Stability, Growing Population

After several weeks of evictions and harassment, the situation in Dunkirk is finally a little more stable.

It has been one week since everyone was relocated to the new site in Grande-Synthe. Although sandwiched between a train line and a busy motorway, the new location offers much more space. While some have camped in the open field many are camped in the large area of woodland above. Fortunately, the Mayor's office are supportive of the situation and have already installed water points and waste disposal facilities.

The atmosphere on-site the last few days has been positive overall. Decreased police presence has meant the organisations on the ground each day can finally provide support and much needed items without hinderance.

We estimate the numbers to be already well-over 200. We need donations now more than ever, to find out how to contribute please get in touch or visit our website.

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