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Restricted Access To Camp

It has been a frustrating week for organisations operating in Dunkirk. Following a large clearance earlier in the week, forcing people to retreat into the woodland, French authorities have restricted access to the new site. Regardless, we and our partner organisations Refugee Community Kitchen, L'Auberge des Migrants, and Help Refugees have found ways to continue to support the population living there, despite these attempts to hinder our work.

Fortunately, our spirits have been lifted after receiving some desperately needed donations. With the help of Side by Side: Humanitarian Aid to Refugees and our own Loa's personal fundraiser, we have been able to purchase a bulk amount of tents, a truly invaluable thing to have in the current situation.

We have also received some incredible financial donations from our dear friends at People Not Borders, Gent4Humanity, Belgian Aid Network, Stand by You Foundation, East Hoathly & Halland Village of Sanctuary and from our dedicated supporters down in the South-West; Antonia Pickup and those at Porthtowan and Amanda Pennington with the Wadebridge Cornish Refugee Aid Project.

These donations have all come at a time when we truly needed them the most. We cannot thank everyone involved enough for their support, generosity and hard work. Flip Tatum Pike, Sue Hampton, Angus Clark, Máirtin Ó Grádaigh, Liz Morgan and all of you who have donated, every single penny is gratefully received.

This weekend we have been joined by MRS veteran Robert Butler, who, as always, arrived with a van laden with donations he has gathered from far and wide over the last three months. We are always glad to have Rob back over with us. When the situation is tense as it has been, experienced volunteers are an invaluable asset!

If you would like to be involved with the work we do, please get in contact.

In solidarity. In defiance.

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