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Volunteers Detained by Police

Over the past week, French authorities have continued to restrict access to the Dunkirk camp for British volunteers and organisations.

This absurd abuse of power has meant that the organisations operating here on a daily basis have been forced to set up and distribute in the car parks outside. This has forced hungry, dehydrated and tired men, women and children to stand around in this searing heat at unsafe locations, just to obtain vital aid.

These apparent new laws have even resulted in both MRS and Dunkirk Refugee Women's Centre volunteers being taken and detained by French police, without warning or reason for several hours.

Our partner organisation L'Auberge des Migrants have worked tirelessly to rectify this situation. We hope that now, following meetings with the Sous-Prefecture of the region, British humanitarian aid groups will be able to resume work as before.

Fortunately, over the past two days, the police have backed away, allowing us to operate as normal, and support the 300+ displaced people that are currently living there. However, as we know, this can all change in a moment.

We cannot express enough how proud we are to stand and work alongside such incredible organisations and volunteers. Refugee Community Kitchen. Regardless of the obstacles we may face, we will always find a way.

In solidarity. In defiance.

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