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Stable Atmosphere, Lifted Restrictions

The situation in the Dunkirk area has finally stabilised once again. Following persistent pressure from various organisations, in-particular L'Auberge des Migrants, French authorities have backed off and allowed humanitarian aid workers to operate as before.

Our teams have continued to be present on-site each day regardless, however, with these restrictions lifted we are able to distribute properly and provide the full range of support that we are able.

This afternoon we were on-site in the searing heat alongside FAST - First Aid Support Team. There are currently over 200 tents in the woodland, housing the growing population of over 400. Thanks to incredible support from Side by Side: Humanitarian Aid to Refugees, Stand by You Foundation and our amazing supporters in the South-West, we for once have a stock of tents that enable us to respond to new arrivals and small clearances.

With families and groups arriving daily, our general supplies of miscellaneous items are running low. From charging cables or torches to sleeping bags and backpacks. If you are able to donate, please do. Find out how or see our specific needs list at:

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