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Minor Clearances

The atmosphere on-site in Dunkirk this afternoon was positive. As always, the kids keep everyone's spirits high and leave everyone tired by the end of the day. These high temperatures however, make living in a tent testing to say the least, especially for those with young children.

Although the police presence has been less, small weekly clearances of certain areas have still been conducted, one of which was carried out this morning. While some went on buses to accommodation centres, others are left with nothing.

Despite these clearances, the population is still around 400, with nearly 30 families and still dozens of unaccompanied minors. These consistently high numbers put massive pressure on the organisations operating here.

Our teams continue to be present each day with the usual range of services and support, alongside Dunkirk Refugee Women's Centre Refugee Community Kitchen and often now the Refugee Info Bus.

We would also like to mention how glad we were to be joined last week by the Rode RAGE group, all the way from Australia. This incredible team of humans have raised money for us throughout the last year, all organised and led by the incredible Tony Davidson.

The need for items such as tents and sleeping bags cannot be overstated. If you have any donations please check our website for possible drop-off points or contact us directly. Monetary donations enable us to buy these items ourselves at wholesale price.

We thank you all for your continued support.

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