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Basic Amenities

It has been a productive week for our teams on the ground in Dunkirk. Despite the demand of such a large population they have continued to offer support and advice to each individual in need that they encounter. As a result, our time on-site has significantly risen, leaving volunteers exhausted by the end of each day.

Thanks to the persistence of the Grande-Synthe Mayors office, the site still has a water station running from a nearby hydrant. It has also been fitted with 6 porta-loos permanently situated and two shower blocks that are towed into the camp for a few hours, Monday to Friday. Although these facilities are nowhere near enough for a population this size, it is more than we have seen since the demolition of the 'La Liniere' camp in April 2017.

Numbers have continued to increase steadily over this last week, with new families and groups arriving everyday. The population is now in excess of 500, the majority of which are Iraqi-Kurdish.

Regardless of the pressure of these numbers, the communities here are a pleasure to work with and the gratitude and respect we receive is overwhelming.

Peace and Solidarity.

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