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Boardmaster's Festival Clearance

The results of this summers festival salvage operations have been truly overwhelming. We would like to extend an incredible thank you to Robert Butler and all those that helped last week with the Boardmasters salvage.

On behalf of MRS, Rob and many others spent several hours rescuing thousands of pounds’ worth of equipment that will help to sustain our operations throughout the rest of summer, and into winter. Already we have had a delivery of but a fraction of the high-quality tents, sleeping bags and other items which, in turn have already gone towards helping those stranded here in North-France.

Major thanks to everyone on the salvage team: Robert Butler, Claire O'sullivan, Harriet Phipps, Mark Oles, Mary Crocker, Ness Bailey, Rachel Budd, Rachel Delourme, Rachel Oles, Rowley Surridge, Shelley Meister, Trish Frith, Alex Brinnen, Antonia Pickup and Ash, Charlotte Barry, Eileen Partington, John Tinsley, Allan Brandrick, Kevin Scholes, Mark Falmouth, Robin Chesterman, Sarah Butler, Ellie Butler, Christine Surridge and anyone we have missed.

Another equally large thank you to the 'Launceston Washing Team' who, after re-embracing their roles from last year, once again quickly and efficiently cleaned the whole haul, getting it ready for distribution as soon as it arrives. Thank you to Sarah Butler, Donna Prynne, Liz, Kelly, Moran, Sylvia and Jeanette.

With our core team stretched to their limit operating here in France, we were fortunate to be able to entrust the responsibility of such a hugely important job and a tiring day’s work to Rob and his crew. We knew they would do an excellent job, and they did not fail to surpass our expectations. Incredible and inspiring work from all involved.

Thank you everyone!

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