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Inter-Association Warehouse Fire

The situation at the Dunkirk camp has remained stable over this past week, despite the constant threat of clearances. With over 250 tents of varying sizes, the camp is now covering a large area of woodland, sandwiched between a motorway and a railway.

The tragic burning of the inter-association warehouse in Grande-Synthe last week has left several of our partner organisations, SALAM Nord/Pas-de-Calais, Refugee Women's Centre and DROP solidarité without a base and destroyed huge amounts of needed donations. All of our daily services are already being stretched to their limit, and this huge loss has put even more strain on our distributions of other basic but vital items.

We have recently been performing weekly early morning patrols, locating groups and individuals sleeping rough and providing them with a tent on the spot. This has proved to be an effective and efficient method of targeting our distributions of tents.

This is not a luxury we can usually afford, however, thanks to the monumental efforts of this year's salvage teams led by Robert Butler & Angus Clark we are able to respond immediately.

Thank you to all of you who continue to support our work.

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