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Major-Eviction 06/09/2018


Today, French authorities evicted the entirety of the Dunkirk 'Jungle.' Over 400 people including nearly 100 children and around 60 families were forced onto buses heading to accommodation centres.

As the demolition of the camp continues even now, hundreds have been left displaced without tents or even blankets. Over 100 of these were denied the option to be taken to a centre. Instead they were pushed away and left to wander the streets.

Over the last few hours we have located over 200 people in small groups of 5-10, sat in car parks or outside abandoned buildings. Thanks to quick and efficient work from organisations on the ground, we have located a temporary spot where food and charging facilities can be provided.

Huge credit to our volunteers and those from Refugee Women's Centre, Refugee Community Kitchen and Refugee Info Bus for their work today and commitment to the communities here.

Please share and help raise awareness of this situation and the inhumane treatment these people are forced to endure.

*Further update*

It is now 22:10. Today we have witnessed utterly disgusting behaviour from French authorities. Having failed to locate spaces in accommodation centres, several buses have returned to Dunkirk, leaving families and individuals at the side of the road with nothing more than the clothes they are wearing. There are currently 211 people slumped against the wall of a warehouse with nothing, tired, cold, sombre and with a long night ahead.

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