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Nomadic Distributions End

Following meetings with the Sous-Prefecture and Mayor, there has been a reduced police presence in the Dunkirk area. This has meant normal services have once again been resumed at an "agreed" location.

Grande-Synthe City Hall have fortunately installed a water point, easing pressure off Refugee Community Kitchen, who already bear the responsibility of so much. Large distributions of essential NFI (non-food items) by Help Refugees and Care4Calais have been gratefully received. Refugee Info Bus have been on-site regularly with additional charging facilities and their usual services. Refugee Women's Centre have been ever-present as always supporting the rapidly growing number of families that are returning each day.

Despite this slight regained stability, many essential items are desperately needed. Over the past week, we have distributed tents every day, including early morning distributions to target those sleeping rough in smaller scattered groups. Despite the reduced police presence while we operate, they are still very much present in the area. We still receive reports of tents and property being destroyed, and these factors, combined with the ever-growing population have put enormous strain on our stock.

*The three photos below were sent to us by a group of young boys living in the surrounding woodland, following a rough awakening from the CRS.

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