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Encroaching Winter

With winter now around the corner and the long dark nights settling in, this is a familiar scene at the end of each day. As our team pack away, people savour the last moments of warmth before heading off into the night.

There are around 500 people currently living in the area. Police are still showing little tolerance, forcing people to camp far away in remote locations, out of sight. With conditions now deteriorating, our distribution team have worked tirelessly this last week to ensure those in need are provided with tents and sleeping bags.

Authorities have stated that they intend to open an emergency centre in the coming week. Although we anticipate this will not have the capacity to provide shelter for the entire population, it will certainly alleviate some pressure from organisations on the ground.

No-one should have to live in these inhumane conditions, please continue to help raise awareness of the situation here.

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