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General Update 25/11/2018

Living conditions for displaced people in the Dunkirk area continue to deteriorate as the weather worsens. One month on from the eviction, there are still around 500 people living rough in the area, including families with small children as young as one year old.

With temperatures plummeting, blankets and tarpaulin alone will no longer suffice, meaning tents are now an absolute necessity for those forced to sleep outside. Regardless, dozens of people sleep each night under scraps of plastic or huddled under bridges or trees.

Over the last month following the eviction our distribution team have given out over 300 tents, leaving our stock severely depleted. With new arrivals each day, we anticipate running out completely by the end of the month.

Organisations on the ground each day: Refugee Community Kitchen, Refugee Info Bus, Refugee Women's Centre, work tirelessly to provide essential services and hardware. Basic items such as torches, gloves and waterproofs become invaluable to those enduring long, dark nights of torrential rain.

We depend entirely on donations to enable us to provide the support we do. If you are able to donate and help us buy these desperately needed items, please do, at:

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