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Temperature Plummet

This week has seen temperatures at night plummet to well below freezing. Living conditions for those sleeping rough are now deadly.

There are currently around 200 displaced people in the area, living in small scattered camps. Police continue to patrol the area forcing people to camp further afield and out of sight. Over this week our teams have distributed over 150 sleeping bags and in collaboration with Help Refugees over 100 tents.

With AFEJI now on-site 5 days a week, many people are now opting to go to accommodation centres when able. Although the time they are allowed to stay is limited, it offers a little respite and a short escape from the harsh conditions and the long wet nights.

As winter now settles in, our daily services are changing accordingly. Our team on the ground each day take a selection of winter essentials such as gloves, hats and scarves. Soon we will begin our night patrols again as hypothermia once again becomes a very serious risk.

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