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Emergency Shelter Full

The emergency centre opened in Grande-Synthe last month is already at maximum capacity. With the population of displaced people in the area still so high, hundreds have been left outside to face the elements.

Many of these people camp patiently outside the centre in the hope a space will eventually become available. Others choose to camp in areas of woodland close to the distribution points. As always we are particularly focused on providing support to these people that the system has failed.

Our tent distribution team, in collaboration with Help Refugees, have provided hundreds of tents to those unable to get a place in the centre.

Using the prevalence of social media to our advantage, we now provide tents to specific groups, allocated by the number of people, and arrange for delivery at a secure location, away from the main distribution site.

We are always in desperate need of 2-4 man tents. If you have any of these items to donate or wish to donate so we can buy them in bulk ourselves, please check our website for detailed instructions on how to do so

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