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New Arrivals

There are now over 500 displaced people living in the Dunkirk area, with over 300 of them sleeping rough in tents. This last week has seen new arrivals each day from all over Europe and further.

Often people arrive with little more than the clothes they are wearing. Thanks to the coordination of several organisations on the ground and the efforts of those at DROP solidarité, new arrivals are quickly equipped with the basics to get them through the night ahead.

This afternoon our team were on-site alongside Médecins du Monde and the Refugee Community Kitchen providing the usual range of services and support. Although the sun was a welcome change, the harsh channel winds ensured all stayed wrapped up.

With spring now nearly here and the conditions no longer considered life threatening, there are growing fears that the emergency centre will soon be evicted. As we have seen in years before, these evictions put enormous strain on the organisations on the ground to provide tents and other essential items.

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