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Food Pack Project Update

Over the past year and a half, our Personalised Food Pack project has undergone a lot of refinement. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and those at Roots, we are able to provide both bespoke food packs and cooking equipment for those in need, on a daily basis.

Using our point of sale (POS) system which was recommended by Refugee Support Europe this time last year, we are able to keep track of our stock and allow individuals or groups to select which specific items they require.

This project has eradicated the waste associated with unwanted items. When cooking is not possible due to police intervention, we are still able to provide dry ready-to-eat foods on request using the same system.

It is estimated that since the implementation of the POS system, we have made up a total of nearly 2000 food packs. Cooking for oneself allows both the ability to make food that suits any specific dietary requirements and the freedom to eat when convenient.

We’d like to especially thank Roots for their help setting up, establishing and maintaining the system. We would also like to thank the Refugee Community Kitchen for their continued support of these packs, as we receive their stocks of non-bulk food items that can’t be implemented into their daily meals.

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