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Suspected Incoming Eviction

These last two weeks have seen the settlement in Dunkirk grow substantially. With new groups and families arriving each day, our stock of tents and sleeping bags has finally been exhausted.

Rumours of an eviction of the camp continue to circulate, causing much anxiety and concern among the community. With little or no information being provided by the authorities, it becomes near impossible for organisations on the ground to prepare.

We anticipate the clearance will take place in these next two weeks. Fortunately, in collaboration with other organisations, we have prepared several hundred ‘eviction packs’. The packs contain sleeping bags and ‘basha kits’, ensuring that when the clearance does take place, people will at least be left with something for the night ahead.

The support we provide is sustained entirely by donations. If you would like to donate, you can do so via our website below. If you would like to be involved and volunteer, please get in contact.

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