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Eviction - 17/09/19

After months of anticipation, today finally saw the complete eviction of Dunkirk’s emergency centre and its surrounding camp. Since its opening in January, this camp has become home to nearly 1000 people, including around 200 children.

The operation began at 7am, when hundreds of police and French authorities descended upon the makeshift camp. Within half an hour, a perimeter had been set and the authorities began funnelling people through railed walkways onto buses. These buses then proceeded to take people to accommodation centres across France.

Our team were on-site early this morning, monitoring the progress of the clearance and the treatment of its former residents. Once the eviction was complete our teams, alongside Help Refugees, conducted patrols throughout the town and its surrounding woodlands to find secluded groups of people in need of emergency items.

As we have seen in previous years, these methods are nothing more than a temporary solution and often result in the return of many people within just a few days. Already this evening as the sun began to set, we were accompanied by 130 people who, whether through fear or missed opportunity, didn’t get on the buses.

We will continue to patrol and be present over these coming days to provide support to any groups and individuals still present or who may return.

If you would like to support our work, you can donate via the link below. If you would like to volunteer, please get in contact via Facebook or our website.

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