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One Week On

This is the reality for hundreds of displaced people currently living in the Dunkirk area.

Just one week on from the eviction, there are approximately 500 people already sleeping rough in the area, including dozens of families with young children. With the emergency centre now closed, people have been forced to relocate into the woodlands surrounding the city.

With so many people already returning, our teams have been on-site for long periods each day, providing our full range of services and support. This includes phone charging, WiFi, food packs, and distributions of basic but essential items. Whatever the need, our volunteers strive to resolve or fulfil any problem or request they are faced with.

Since the clearance our teams have distributed hundreds of tents and sleeping bags, however police continue to patrol each day, confiscating people’s tents and belongings. This behaviour from the authorities makes it impossible for us to sustain these large distributions, forcing people to sleep under bridges or just exposed to the elements.

The past week has put enormous strain on our stock of all vital items, and with winter around the corner we will need your support more than ever. If you are able to donate, whether materially or monetarily, please do. Our full needs list of items can be found on our website, alternatively you can donate via the link below and help us buy these items in bulk.

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