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Monthly Donations

Since the eviction of the largest camp we have seen this year, our stock has been massively impacted and we are running low on all of our most vital pieces of aid. We are on the ground every single day helping those returning from accommodation centres get equipped to face the approaching colder weather, as well as dealing with the needs of new arrivals.

We need your support now more than ever. In order to maintain the services we have been providing, we need your help to fund our operations. As always, we accept all donations and support via our website (linked at the bottom of this post.)

We are also very happy to introduce a new method of supporting us while we do our best to support others on your behalf. We recently signed up to Patreon, a service that allows our donors to subscribe to sending us monthly donations. This endeavour is set to not only help you fund different, specific projects of ours, but also save time by not having to navigate through our website every time you want to make a donation. And, of course, if you wish to stop sending monthly donations, all you have to do is opt-out.

With a known monthly income, we can more effectively plan out strategies and projects in order to efficiently provide aid. It also allows us to prepare for major events, such as the aforementioned eviction, and purchase in bulk amounts of necessary aid without impacting our daily costs.

As always, one-off donations and material donations are as necessary as ever and can still be accessed through our website.

Even if you cannot donate, you can still help our cause by sharing this post with your friends. Thank you.

Please visit us on Patreon here:

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